Each hand painted piece has original artwork using the reverse glass painting technique. All the paint is on the outside of the glass. The non-toxic paint is UV-resistant and is permanently fused to the glass, so it can be safely washed in dishwashers and heated in microwaves without harming the artwork.

The artwork on the glassware is constructed facing both the interior and exterior of the glass, to create a piece of art that can be viewed and enjoyed from any angle and changes as you turn the glass. Direction and intensity of light can change the image as colors jump out from the shadows and withdraw again as light intensity changes. The paintings take on a three dimensional quality when liquid is added because light is bent and the images are magnified. Facets and prisms built into the glass also bend the light and change the appearance.

I am also creating my own original fused glass art pieces. I begin with clear glass, add tiny pieces of colored glass and long thin pieces of glass in the design I want. Then I melt it into a solid piece of glass in my kiln. The pieces go through another kiln run to shape the piece.

Gift wrapping and hand written note card with your sentiments available upon request. Please allow one to two weeks for pieces painted to order or fused to order.  Order inquires can be made using the ‘Contact Us’ page.