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    If you are lucky you may find an octopus hiding on a reef off of the Florida coast. They are camouflage masters, so you could miss them even if you are looking right at them. There have been times where I’m looking at a reef and suddenly realize there are a pair of eyes watching me.

    The glasses are fine crystal stemware. Choose from larger red or smaller white wineglass style from the drop down list. These beautiful crystal stem wine glasses measure 9" tall. Fill the glass and be delighted as the image comes alive as each painted stroke is magnified. All the artwork is done on the outside of the glass with non-toxic paints, and the UV-resistant colors are permanently fused to the glass. The hand painted artwork faces both the interior and exterior of the glass to create a piece of art that can be enjoyed from any angle and changes as you turn the glass.  Each glass is a unique original work of art.